Remix / Compilation

Her Ghost Friend “恋する惑星、果てしない物語” Ice Planet (cokiyu remix)
Darla Records V.A. ‘Your Thorn’ (moshimoss remix)
Hz-records V.A. “amorphous” ‘Vivisection’
mergrim “Intersect Landscape…” ‘Step Of The Flakes’ (cokiyu remix)
nels “Symbiosis” ‘Circulation’ (cokiyu remix)
Bunkai-kei presents “Summerscape Compilation” ‘Water Erosion’
V.A “For Nihon” ‘Volar’
V.A.”Ten Years On The Blanket” ‘Hedgehog’s Wedding (Miyauchi Yuri Remix)’
V.A.”Music For Couples” ‘Star Takes A Rest’
V.A.”The Foot Remixes” ‘The Road to The South’ (cokiyu remix)
V.A.“告白オリジナルサウンドトラック” ‘Gloomy’ ‘See The Sun’
V.A.”Little Things” ‘Round In Fog’
V.A.”Schole Compilation Vol.1″ ‘Mirror Flake’
V.A.”Echod” ‘In The Air’