KOSE Visee TVCM “透明感と輝きを重ねるシャドウ。篇”(Jan/2017)
Pawn “Portrait Re:Sketch” ‘Meteorite Shards feat. Cokiyu’
Bottlesmoker “HYPNAGOGIC” ‘Roses Ft. Cokiyu’
mergrim “Hyper Fleeting Vision” ‘In Dope Moments feat. Cokiyu’
okamotonoriaki “A Little Planet” ‘Call Me with cokiyu’
JAZZ PARADISE “Cinema Cafe” ‘男と女’ ‘Brazil’
Blue Foundation “In My Mind I Am Free” ‘Ho Shi No Ta Me No Komoriuta’
V.A.“Antonio Carlos Jobim Tribute” ‘A Felicidade(feat. Cokiyu) / Bajune Tobeta’
V.A.“Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute” ‘The Other Side Of Love (feat. Cokiyu)’ / トベタ・バジュン
AEON TVCM ”Coolish Fact” (Apr/2013)
Pawn “Tone Sketch” ‘Star Shards ft.cokiyu’
V.A.”YMO REWAKE” ‘CAMOUFLAGE / Geskia! feat. cokiyu’
Autumleaf “The Foot” ‘Behind The Door’ ‘Human Equality’
Chloe “Winter Songs Christmas Carat” ‘戦場のメリークリスマス’ ‘雪の華’ ‘クリスマス・イヴ’
re:plus “Everlasting Truth” ‘Blue Sky ft.cokiyu’
TSAN “Kairos Time Works” ‘Binary Star ft.cokiyu’
aus “Light In August Later”
Eberg “Antidote” ‘ひみつのハコ’
aus “After All”
V.A. “Songs Of Seven Colors”
Robert Svensson “Young Punks Are On The Never-Never” ‘Hum ft.cokiyu’
aus “Curveland”
aus “Sonorapid”
V.A. “We Are All Cotton Hearted”
Mexico “Bit Suite” ‘In Her Eyes’